Information on this Page

This page contains the clinical audit packages developed during my work. There are currently two of these in development, for heart failure and epilepsy respectively. When the audit packages are completed, they will generally be in two parts.
  1. A document file in Microsoft Word format that contains the clinical background, the guidance for carrying out the audit, and information on how to install the audit package.
  2. A self-extracting file that contains the computerised data collection tool. This ensures data is entered in a consistent manner, minimises the risk of errors, and allows export of the data in Excel format for further analysis.
I welcome suggestion as to how these audit packages could be improved. The packages will be available in the near future, once the accompanying documentation has been produced.

Epilepsy Audit Package

Epilepsy is the commonest chronic neurological disease and results in considerable morbidity. In the past, its importance has often been over-looked. The government now plans to improve the care of people who suffer from epilepsy. This epilepsy audit package will help you assess the quality of care being received by people with epilepsy in your practice or primary care group.

Heart Failure Audit Package

Heart failure is a serious condition that is very common among elderly people. The heart failure audit package buy Vardenafil will help you improve the care of people who suffer from epilepsy in your practice or primary care group.