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I have placed copies of some of my lectures and presentations on this page. These can be downloaded freely and used for non-commercial purposes. The presentations are in Microsoft PowerPoint format. Copies of lecture notes are kept on the Lecture Notes page. I have many other presentations available but for the time being, have included only a small number here. 

Presentations & Lectures Available

Resource allocation in primary care. Presentation given at a special one-day meeting of the Society of Social Medicine. 
Deaths from antidepressants. Paper given at the 2003 Annual Scientific Meeting of the Society of General Internal Medicine. 
Quality of care in small practices. Presentation given at a seminar organised by the Small Practices Association.
Sex differences in the treatment of heart disease. Presentation given at a seminar organised by Physicians for Human Rights.
How to write a paper. Advice on writing articles for publication in medical journals.
The Office for National Statistics and Public Health. How the Office for National Statistics provides information to support public health activities and help plan health services.
Developing the use of primary care data. A summary of a report written for the Department of Health's Statistics Division. A copy of the full report can be obtained by emailing me. Comments on either the presentation or the report are welcome.