Experience with Clapham Manor Health Centre

Clapham Manor Health Centre

The Clapham Manor Health Centre is located in Clapham Manor Street in London SW4. The health centre contains the six doctor practice of Dr Curran & Partners, and also community health staff from the Lambeth Primary Care Trust. 

The practice is considered one of the most innovative and highest quality in Lambeth. The practice has its own website, which you can view at http://www.claphamhealth.nhs.uk

We take a keen interest in teaching and have also provided support to doctors and other health professionals working in primary care in third-world countries , for example, by supplying journals and textbooks, and hosting visits from doctors.

We are currently exploring how we can get our patients more involved in planning future developments in our services, and build better links to the community. Any thoughts you might have on how we can achieve these objectives can be emailed to the practice manager, or by email to

To learn more about my practice at Clapham Manor Health Centre, look at its web site: