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News & Developments: 2004

Move to Imperial College (February 2004)

In February 2004, I moved to Imperial College London to take up the post of Head of the  Department of Primary Health Care & General Practice. In April, 2004, my department merged with the Department of Social Science & Medicine, to form a new Department of Primary Care & Social Medicine (renamed the Department of Primary Care & Public Health in January 2010). You can find more information about my work at Imperial College at my Imperial College Home Page or at my Blog.  

News & Developments: 2003

Society of Social Medicine Meeting (October 2003)
I gave a presentation on resource allocation in primary care at a special one-day meeting of the Society of Social Medicine. 

UK Primary Care Database Research Group (July 2003)
The United Kingdom Primary Care Database Group was formed at the 2003 Annual Scientific Meeting of the Society of Academic Primary Care. The aims of the group are to foster research using data collected from primary care computer systems. Further details about the aims of the group are available on this website. 

Society of General Internal Medicine Meeting (May 2003)
I presented a paper at the Annual Scientific Meeting of the Society of General Internal Medicine, held in Vancouver in May 2003. A copy of the presentation is available in PowerPoint format. 

Royal Statistical Society Meeting (April 2003)
I spoke on medical practice variations in primary care at a recent Royal Statistical Society meeting. A copy of the presentation is available in PowerPoint format. 

Small Practices Association Meeting (March 2003)
I spoke recently at the Small Practices Association North East Thames Winter Study Day. A copy of my talk - Quality of Care in Small Practices - is now available in PowerPoint format. 

New practice manager (March 2003)
The Manor Health Cente has appointed a new practice manager to replace Murray King, who left at the end of 2002. More details to follow.

Quality of care in small general practices (February 2003)
An article in the British Medical Journal on the quality of care in smaller practices was featured on the BBC website.

Improving information technology in the NHS (January 2003)
My first publication in 2003 was about improving information technology in the NHS. You can read the article in full in the online version of the British Medical Journal. There were many letters published in response to the article and these can also be read in the British Medical Journal at the end of the article.  

News & Developments: 2002

Physicians for Human Rights Seminar (December 2002)
I gave a presentation on differences in the way in which men and women with heart disease are treated by the NHS. A copy of the presentation is available in powerpoint format. 

Practice manager post (November 2002)
Our practice manager, Mr Murray King, will be taking up a senior management post in the Lambeth Primary Care Trust in January 2003. This means we will be looking for a replacement for him in the near future. 

Success in MFPHM Part 2 Examination (November 2002)
One of the Specialist Registrars in Public Health Medicine at the Office for National Statistics, Dr Maggie Bruce, passed the MFPHM Part 2 Examination held in November, 2002. Congratulations to Dr Bruce on her achievement.

Research featured on BBC Website (August 2002)
An article comparing referral rates to specialists from general practitioners in the UK and from primary care physicians in the USA was featured on the BBC Website

Monthly health column (August 2002)
From August 2002, the website will contain a monthly health column. The first article is on hormone replacement therapy.

Tony Blair's unfair criticism of single-handed GPs (August 2002)
The Prime Minister, Tony Blair, recently made some critical comments about the quality of care provided by single-handed general practitioners. Although I work in a large group practice, I recognise the important role and high-quality care provided by many single-handed general practitioners.  Many general practitioners have rightly criticised Mr Blair for making these comments. Mr Blair's health policy adviser, Mr Simon Stevens, was quoted as saying “There is indeed research suggesting a positive association between practice size and effective clinical governance and chronic disease management”.  However, Mr Stevens failed to state what this evidence is. This is presumably because the evidence between practice size and quality of care does not actually suggest that single-handed general practitioners provide poorer quality of care than do group practices. Despite the criticism he has received, Mr Blair has failed to issue an apology and to withdraw his remarks about single-handed general practitioners. If you would like to complain about Mr Blair's comments, please write to: The Prime Minister, 10 Downing Street, London SW1A 2AA.

Home Office trying to compel doctors to serve on juries (August 2002)
The Home Office has recently issued proposals which will compel doctors to serve on juries (doctors can currently exempt themselves). Although I understand fully the Home Office's desire to ensure that juries comprise a representative cross-section of society, compelling doctors to serve on juries will exacerbate the problems the NHS is facing. If you want doctors to retain their current rights, please write to: The Right Honorable David Blunkett MP, House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA.

Dr Saxena obtains Researcher Development Award (June 2002)
Dr Sonia Saxena, one of our lecturers, was successful in her application for a Primary Care Researcher Development Award. These awards are funded by the Department of Health and are aimed at allowing researchers to improve their research skills. Dr Saxena will be carrying out research on child and maternal health.

Research featured in Sunday Times (May 2002)
Some recent research carried out by my research groups was featured in an article in the May 12th edition of the Sunday Times. The article described research examining differences in the treatment of heart disease in men and women. An article on the same study was also featured in the May 13th edition of the Daily Mail.

Promotion to Professor (May 2002)
I was promoted by University College London to Professor of Primary Care & Public Health in May 2002. I would like to thank the many people (too numerous to list individually) who have helped with my academic and research work in the past, and helped me achieve this promotion.

Successes in MFPHM Part 2 Examination (April 2002)
Both the Specialist Registrars in Public Health Medicine at the Office for National Statistics and University College London, Dr Shamini Gnani and Dr Bernadette Purcell, passed the MFPHM Part 2 Examination held on March 28, 2002. Dr Gnani and Dr Purcell passed the exam at their first attempt and are to be congratulated on their achievement.

Article featured in Evening Standard (April 2002)
A recent research paper on differences in operation rates between areas of London was featured in the April 9th edition of the Evening Standard.

Article featured on BBC Website (March 2002)
A recent publication of mine about an increase in ulcer complications among the elderly was featured recently on the BBC Website

Medical Posts at Clapham Manor Health Centre (March 2002)
The Manor Health Centre is looking for two new medical staff: A full-time PMS doctor to replace Dr Wrigley, who is taking up a Principal post in the practice and a full or time maternity locum from July 2002. Please contact the Practice Manager, Mr Murray King, if you are interested in either of these posts.

Training posts at ONS & UCLH (February 2002)
The next vacancy for a public health training post at the Office for National Statistics will be in September 2002. The next post at UCLH NHS Trust will become available in May 2002. Please contact me if you are interested in either post.