A complete list of my academic articles.

Publication History

I published my first paper in an academic journal in 1992. Since then, I have published nearly 200 journal articles, as well as a number of editorials, commentaries, and book chapters. I have also written reports for organisations such as the Department of Health, the Office for National Statistics and the Association of Public Health Observatories.

Article Subjects

Most of my articles are about chronic diseases in primary care, health policy, and the use of information in planning and monitoring health services.

Publication List

The Publication List icons to the left and right opens a web page that contains details of some of the articles I have published since 1992.

For an up to date list of my publications, please visit my Imperial College Publications Page.

You can view my citation metrics using Google Scholar Citations.

PDF Versions

Some of my articles are available for downloading from this site in Adobe PDF format. This means the article will look just like the version published in the journal. To access these files, press one of the PDF Versions icons to the left and right  Please note that these PDF copies are for personal and academic use only and can not be used for commercial purposes.