Work with Imperial College London

Imperial College London

Imperial College London is one of the United Kingdom's foremost universities. I am the Head of the Department of Primary Care & Public Health, one of the leading units of its kind in the country. The unit has an extensive programme of local, national and international research, some of areas of which are outlined below. Examples of my research can be found on the Publications page; some research papers can be downloaded from the PDF Versions page.  

Imperial College is an approved location for higher specialist training in public health. See below for details. 

Research & Policy Services

The Department of Primary Care & Public Health at Imperial College London offers a variety of service,  ranging from study design and data collection to sophisticated analysis and reporting for clinicians, policy-makers and senior management. We bring enormous breadth and depth of research expertise, through our ties to customers in all sectors of healthcare, and our ready access to large research databases, and our long history of public and private sector projects. The unit is comprised of a multi-disciplinary team, including clinicians, epidemiologists, public health physicians, statisticians, social scientists, information scientists, and policy analysts.

Examples of our work include: 

Outcomes research

    1. Advice on study design
    2. Retrospective and prospective outcomes studies.
    3. Cost-of-illness studies.
    4. Return-on-investment analyses.
    5. Health and productivity studies.

  Chronic care and disability research

    1. Evaluations of programs that purchase medical and supportive services
    2. Design and implementation of new program models
    3. Development of comprehensive quality improvement programs for persons with chronic illness and disability
    4. Analysis of large and complex data sets
    5. Statistical advice 

Health policy analyses

    1. Analyses of acute and chronic illness
    2. Funding & organisation of health services
    3. Public-private partnerships

Performance measurement

    1. Research on managed care.
    2. Reporting of performance measures to the public.

Training Opportunities

Imperial College is an approved location for higher specialist training in public health. If you are interested in a placement, please email me for further details. We offer experience and training in research methods and writing for publication that can be difficult to obtain elsewhere. The department also has good links with the Department of Health, Primary Care Trusts, Primary Care Research Networks, and Academic Institutions both in the UK and overseas.